“Flourish Beyond Expectations”

Copperwood Communities continues to serve the residential sector of Arizona as a thriving, family-owned, acquisition company of manufactured home communities and RV resorts. Our mission is to purchase, develop and renovate existing properties for long-term ownership.

Hands-On, Family Owned and Operated

Our mantra is to ‘stay the course with a slow-growth, business plan mentality.’ This means we are dedicated to flourishing for the long-term, which includes the manner by which we serve our tenants and take care of our properties.

Rather than outsourcing for renovations and repairs, our boots-on-the-ground approach enables us to minimize overhead as we improve the quality of our properties.

While we maintain a thriving, privately-run portfolio, we continue to navigate and compete with huge corporations / real estate investment trusts. Unlike REITs, tenants are never regarded as a number on a spreadsheet. Based in Phoenix, we are committed to growing our portfolio inside the state of Arizona where we believe we can be most effective.